Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well the fly In flew past with a pace that took my breath away.will take me a while to get over it...BIG NEWS!!! Is that our Rolls Royce Merlin has arrived from down south.It is on long term loan and will be a big feature for the project.Big thanks to Ross Pay for lending of part of his late fathers collection.Also the long awaited arrival of all our Spit frames from the waterjet cutters.These will now be cleaned up and hammerformed to put on the jig.Any problems will be logged and corrected in CAD to be updated in the waterjet production files.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Countdown to FlyIn

Only two days to go till our annual FlyIn.Have been working feverishly to have something on display as with the jig all levelled up we are very hesitant to move it.So instead we will have a some of our more easily moved pieces on display and a nice write up on our aircrafts history.We will also be having sheetmetal demonstrations throughout the weekend to entice the handymen.
Fuselage wise we are in the process of pulling things apart ready for priming and assembly and the goal is to have the forward fuselage together in one piece soon.
Also the waterjetters have cut most of our frames so we can get our frames started finally.With the rivet holes already in position the fuselage will come together very quickly.
Also a Merlin 25 has been greatfully loaned to the project and will create much interest in time.
So if you are here for the Fly In please drop in and say hello...Till next time...