Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend over already?

Back to work tomorrow..Damn,why can,t we have 3 day weekends :(
A good day as we reorganised a bit and moving forward.Nathan is continuing on his tinbashery skills by making the port side cockpit coaming angle.Mick our new sheety has started doing a pull apart of our MkVIII engine frame to do a corrosion assesment on it,s internals.This will be rebuilt as a static to go on our display cockpit but want to arrest the corrosion and save it for future generations of spitfires.
I,ve sneaked back onto the jig where I have started working out where F19 will sit as being the tail seperation point it is most critical to be accurate.Problem is it doesn,t sit at 90 up from the datum line but layed back several degrees off square.The top and bottom points have to be spot on for assembly or the tail wont fit.More working out needed.
Geoff has been working tirelessly on the cutaway Merlins prop cover and should be back doing normal work soon.Got a nice sheetmetal job all lined up for him :)Enjoy the piccies..