Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bits and pieces.

Just a quick one today.Progressed on finishing off frame 12,seat frame parts and F11 bracing.Focusing on the seatframe so we can hang the seat as soon as it is repaired.Also rebuilding the brake valve relay that works off the rudderbar.As it was apart gave Neale a chance to draw up all the parts..A huge undertaking considering the small parts involved.Also the voltage regulator got a good spruce up with a new lick of paint.The back plate is nearly relay then it will be mounted to the back of F11.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cockpit section

Just some pics of the cockpit section so far.Internally we have frame 9 to complete as well as the F6 and F7 hatsections.Also the internal ribs for the cockpit coaming including the canopy rails need to be made.Then we can start fitting her out.This cockpit section will be then presented to the museum to be displayed in the main Hangar.Work can then continue on the full fuselage in the jig.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well not quite.Getting the cockpit ready for Caloundra was a huge undertaking and a lot of thanks goes to the volunteers from the Wednesday and Thursday group.Thanks for taking time off the other projects to give me a hand and also to the Army trainees who were between courses.Most were given a crash course literally on aircraft sheetmetal work.I think the results speak from their professional attitude.
Work continues on filling out the cockpit with sorting out what needs to be finished off with the rudderbar and seatframe assemblies.More work is progressing on the drafting side as thanks to the QAM at Caloundra we got to sit in the MkV,MkVIII Spitfire there and hurridly got some much needed pics and measurements.
Our final lot of formers arrived from Murray at Australian Waterjet in Brisbane and the work is fantastic.Also in the stash was the first couple of Instrument panels,BFP,s and a whole lot of blanks to machine up all the lightening hole tools.
Also from Caloundra we got to meet up with fellow restorer Chris (Aka Ausflyboy) who has a Boomerang project at Bribie Island.He has a nice little furnace setup to replicate castings etc so he took on the job of doing a gunsite mount for us.Many thanks also to Geoff who supplied us his to use as a master pattern.
Chris is hoping to do a complete set of castings for the Spitfire in time so watch this space.