Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick one.

Was a slow day out at the museum so only a little bit to add.Had a new volunteer start so spent some time showing him the ropes.Welcome mate to our madness :)Work continues on the aerial mast cross bracing and a little bit of work goes on with Frame10.Off to NZ next week so might be a couple of weeks before I get back on.If anyone sees a lost looking Aussie over at Wanaka,yeah well thats me !!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is it me or is it cold in here??

A wet day today so a good way to keep dry and warm is make Spitfire parts :)
F11 is progressing with the fabrication of the datum line brace brackets.This brace is important as the seat hangs off it and the armour plate as well.
Also the next frame forward has started being constructed.This is frame 10 and sits under the pilots seat.A perfect time to show two of our new volunteers the art of hammerforming.
Nearing completion is the aerial cross bracing with all the parts being folded and the start of it all being drilled off and assembled accurately.Anyway onto the pics :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still alive..just

A week back to work after a nasty bug dropped me quicker than my last girlfriend.
Work is progressing well on the forward fuselage area at F11 being butted together.If you look closely in different pics you can see it is a bit different to the cockpit version.This is because of the difference in Spitfire versions.The cockpit section is more MkVIII but the one on the jig is pure early spit.You can tell by the internal top curve.The later versions had an internal "C" channel going up underneath the rollover structure (the top triangle shape) from lower down near the datum longeron giving the squarish curve seen.The early uses a smaller version and only goes down to the Frame shoulder coamings.Also note F8 has the horns cut off on the cockpit section,this again is more a MkVIII Frame.On the jig is the correct horney version.Think it has something to do with fuel tanks,fireproof bulkhead or instrument panel.More research needed.
Also Nathan has taken the blacksmithing route and fabbed up this marvelous pilots door crowbar.In 3 pieces with Steel ends and Monel (steel) rivets.
Another job which starts but isn,t finished was the aerial crossbracing between F12 and F13.Well on the way good and all.Channel is 2" and Lightening holes are 1.25".This has been designed off the GA drawing and one diagonal member drawing (thanks Geoff).The flattish parts are the templates,Cad drawings printed off full size and glued onto bits of tin.
Anyway getting late,real life work tomorrow :(