Sunday, April 26, 2009

Progress from a chilly workshop..brrrrrrrr

Autumn is in full swing here now with things cooling down considerably but the action in the hangar is heating up.Bits and brackets still taking time to be fabricated and added to the cockpit section.But with a couple of displays coming up we got the front fuselage together enough to temporarily remove it from the jig for the events.Also the cage has been started to be sorted out with all the parts being dumped on the floor and placed into bags for easier locating at a later date.Some resto work has commenced with a couple of parts being rebuilt.These include our gunsite and a P51 Instrument panel I had laying around.
Design wise we are working on the cockpit coaming and canopy rails to finish off the cockpit.
Events this weekend are the David Hack Classic FlyIn on Sunday at Toowoomba Airport and the Air,Land and Sea spectacular down at Emu Gully just down the range at the Helidon Spa.If your down there drop in and say Gday!!