Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yawn is it time to get up already?

Rolling into the hangar ready for the new year.Hmmm what am I missing..Oh yes..Caffeine!!!
First job is "stocktaking,YAY!!!"#@#*^#@".,.*^##$@ Hooray!!!
Honestly the amount of small parts a Spitfire holds is staggering.We no way have them all but a system has to be worked out to keep track of it all.That is why an excell spreadsheet has been created to log all our parts,old,and new have to be entered into it.Also a photo library is kept of all of it to keep track of what the part looks like as not everyone is up to date with the name of parts.Getting blank looks after asking on the whereabouts for the longeron to bottom spar tie bracket gets old real quick.
Only way to get up to date is to study the inside of a Spit and all it,s components.Names might not be the same but knowing the shape and size of a part in relation to where it is located is a start.I think I have about 3 to 4 gigs of photos of Spitfire guts taken off the net or taken off various airframes.
Ok to the fun stuff of the creation of bits !!!Nathan has painstakenly gone through and worked out the lengths for 90% of the Spits intercostals.Why painstaking?Well they aren,t straight to begin with,they are different angles,they taper in following the curve of the fuselage and in some cases drop in height.Also where they meet a frame flange the end has to be joggled so the outside edge sits flush.
At the moment these will be dummied in until the frames are straightened,an unfortunate side effect from hammerforming.And then locked in place. Anyway enjoy the pics..