Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still not at work yet...

Working flat out on the Spit though as we have totally blown the cockpit section apart and have cleaned up,primed and currently assembling all the frames.Lots of fiddly riveting going on but feels good to be able to finish things off.Also have just got a big package in the mail containing our main canopy.Is uncut and looks great.Sheetmetal wise working on the cockpit door and coaming skins that sit above the datum longeron.Hope to have everything back together by the end of next week.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Few more piccies!!!

Just a few I couldn,t fit on the other post :D

Winter time

Sorry for a break in updates but due to losing my job and moving house have only just got things back on track,well as much as I can.The front fuselage section has been fitted up to a trolley frame so movement around the workshop is now possible.Firewall has progressed with channels and stiffeners going on as with a set of dummy stub spars made out of wood.Have no idea how many people that have mistaken them for the real thing.A good indication that we are on the right track.Also we have started rivetting together some of the frames and control box in the cockpit.The search for instruments has begun as the panel has been painted up and fitted to the F8 hoop.The panel doesn,t actually sit on frame 8 but in a hoop of ally angle that rivets to the datum longeron.The Blind Flying Panel is suspended off two brackets on F8 and one off the instrument panel.The F8 coaming channel has been rolled and drilled off and note to self,don,t use old aluminium as it has taken a few weeks just getting the perished plastic covering off the parts.If anyone knows an easy way please let me know.
3D wise have worked out the fuel tank bracing using a couple of ends dug up as patterns.Awaiting some tracings off original coaming skins to start working out the area around the windscreen down to the datum longeron.Also a lot of smaller bits and bobs being made.Hope you enjoy the pics.