Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009..a new year and worldwide project

First off the blocks as we are well rested and eager to get back into it.Well I am after a full on working holiday doing stuff around the place that I don,t get done usually.
Even though things havent been done in hangar for the last five weeks doesn,t mean we stop..Our drafties have been burning out their Pc,s getting things drawn over the holiday period.With the explosion of Cad software and 3D programs a talented group of guys have been in contact with us to share the knowledge of Spitfire engineering.
Firstly I give huge thanks to Dave (aka falcon24)of Simhardware fame here and his Spitfire cockpit project who gave us the confidence to start such a project.Next is Jeremy from Canada and his Spitfire replica..webpage is here... who is using the latest design programs along with CNC machinery to create his plane.
One we are internally greatful is Justin who has been drawing a Spit from the inside out using Rhino.He has drawn up a solid model wing for us using the original drawings.His website is here..
Another guy who is helping us out is Anthony from the USA.He is teaching school kids Solidworks at school and we are helping each other out design wise.His classes work can be seen above...
Other guys who who have found us are well into their designs and adding more info in keeping the Spitfire soul alive.To finish off here is the Spit today as we start off the new year..thanks to all that have been in contact ,we are eternally greatful.
Regards Ross and the team