Sunday, September 28, 2008

Researching our history

One part of the reproduction not many people know about is the history of the aircraft.We only know bits and pieces from RAAF movement cards,British records and other bits and pieces.We found the Squadron (54 Sqd RAF) the pilot who caused (directly or indirectly)the aircraft to come down from Darwin to 6AD oakey but one thing eluded us.Well two things.First was the aircrafts Radio Code.Second was the camouflage she served with.
A mate I am helping with other research swapped some info with one of his contacts and now we know that the code was DL-V and the paint she wore was most likely to have been British Dark Earth and Foliage Green uppers, with Sky or Azure lowers,and at that time she still wore the British code Br484..
Thank you to Buzz and to Mr.G,Birkett for the hard work in helping us out.

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