Sunday, February 7, 2010

Need more coffee!!!

Continuing on from last week is the addition of the fuselage intercostals.It is a slow job but progressing well.Lot of finishing off still has to be done to the frames.The flange that rivets to the skin having to be "bumped" to the right angle to let the skin flow nicely down the fuselage.Great for aerodynamics but a pain to build.Also got frustrated with the hole where F14 sits so used the T3 ones as templates and traced them onto a nice bit of annealed 2024 Aircarft grade ally.Got one formed up and will finish the other one off next weekend.When all the parts are done it will be time to get accurate and lazer level off the jig beam,set up everything up right,straighten the frames and start drilling.Till next week.
Now where,s me Coke??>>>>>>>

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