Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bit to the left...

A busy day today.Dragged out the lazer levelling equipment for a realignment of the jig.Have been quite worried about the main beam not being straight enough for to be used as a datum plane through the um,errr plane :)Step one level F5 datum,step two level F19 datum.Hmmm the beam is twisted.Oh sh1t!!!Step three,shim F19 so datum is level with F5.Ahh now we are cooking.Step 4 use lazer gear to level beam,it should be same measurement front to back,hmmm 40mm difference...Bl00dy floor!!Step 5,use blocks of wood,shims and adjusters to bring both ends level.Then check beam along length for beam sag.Cool only a couple of mill drop.A screw jack will prop it level...
Sweet now where to next.Step 6,every frame station has to be level with F5 and F19,oh thats right..The twisted beam....Every angle leveled and shimmed so datum plane is level now..
Next week is getting the frame datum angles parallel to F5 which should be 90 degrees to the beam centreline.The F11 formers are being reserected as a straight face to measure and build the skeleton back to the tail.This will allow us to get everyting solid and drilled off so skinning can commence.
Small stuff is the manufacture of the lower longeron brackets.These are now being drilled off the frame rivet patterns.
Homework is to locate the intercostal bracket holes to be drilled accurately on the jig datum angles for each frame.Hmm need scotch..Anyway here is a couple pics..

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