Monday, June 7, 2010

Math make head hurt..

The numbers go round my head nurse....Was a quiet day at the hangar so a good time to put the brain (scotch deadened) into gear and start working through the numbers.With a lot of toing and froing between a Pc screen,a calculator and a pen and pad I started working out the frame positions in regard to the jig datum and centreline.
Continuing on from last week we continue to setup the jig in preparation for the frames.Frames back to frame 14 have a cutout for the datum longeron and from frame 14 back there is an intercostal.Using CAD we have worked out the rivet holes for these brackets and using those we have transfered them onto the angles from the centre point.This means the frames will be level with the angles and on the centre of the aircraft.Don,t want a bannana shaped Spitfire do we :)These frames are pinned to the angles using 3/32" skin pins. Here are some pics of the operation.Many thanks to one of our SuperCAD guys Neale for working out the rivet holes and brackets in 3D for us..

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