Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is it nearly Easter?

Can,t believe it is four months into the year already.Where to begin..At the beginning will be good ;)
Start date was pushed back this year due to asbestos removal onsite so a bit of reorganising was done to start off the year.With all the rear frames finished other than straightening and heat treating the plan was to continue forward on the frontal frames up to the Firewall.At this stage we are 99% there with just a few lightening holes to be formed.This is due to having the correct size dies being machined.
We were having a lot of drama with the aerial brace not fitting up and not looking the best so the decision was to remake a lot of it.With that nearing completion again and the forming up of the control box diaphragms we will soon be looking at skinning the fuse.
Also nearing completion is the pilots Tropical Emergency Ration box.The search for an original will be on for an original Canteen will begin soon.
Soon we will have the parts needed for our bottom fuel tank,engine saddle and horizontal stabiliser from the Waterjetters to begin construction.Also our Spine Longeron is in the process of being bent up in preperation to be curved to suit the Spitfires top profile.This means new rollers will have to be machined up.
Also the new year has bought us new volunteers so training them up to be proper little metal mashers is in the pipeline.
Design wise a lot of small stuff is being finished off and still awaiting a drawing or two to finish off the vertical Stabiliser.Also to be done is the radio compartment rails.

Anyway here are some pics of our shiney bits...

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