Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rivetting play!!

Problem with putting holes in things is plugging them up again..Work continues on rivetting up the cockpit section.Spend mornings in the office and after lunch sneak out to belt some rivets in..Like meditation :)Breathe deep,rivet..Brrrrrp....Touch Brp.....Next!!!
Aerial bracing is continuing with pieces being nailed together finally.There are a lot of small gussets holding it all together so a slow process.
Also work has started on making up internal fitting brackets for the various cockpit parts and controls.First is putting the IFF Remote contactor.This is the first version of IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) ever to come out in a fighter works as a clockwork mechanism in a waterproof box sends out a radio signal 15 seconds in every minute,warning home radar not to scramble on you..
Also is restoration work on our original bits and pieces with sandblasting and repainting..

Lots more to come!!Onto the pics..

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